I Was Wrong..

I was wrong, that is hard to say but I have had to humble myself and admit three times in the past couple of days that I was wrong..

First time was when I thought that I had over-fertilized my new perennials so much that all the buds I saw were going to go into leaf instead of flowers.  After checking out the perennials of the same varieties at the nursery where I bought them, it turns out that they are progressing as they should and are going to flower.  I was wrong.

Second time was yesterday morning when I absolutely “freaked out” over something called an “email transfer” of money and whether or not it was safe.  Turns out that email transfer of money is one of the safest ways to exchange funds.  Again, I was wrong.

But the third was  most humbling of all.  My husband said he would be able to sell a loveseat of ours on an online “used” site.  Because I hated the color so much I said that no one would be interested in buying the loveseat even though it was in excellent condition.  Husband photographed it, put in online and 6 hours later  he had a firm offer.  That is where the email transfer comes in.  The lady wanted to put a deposit down on it because she couldn’t pick it up until this morning and I thought that an email transfer would give her access to our account information.  Who buys a loveseat sight unseen anyway?  After checking with our bank and finding out email transfers were safe, husband put hers through even though I was very uneasy about it.

This morning the lady and her husband came over and I sat in the back yard but I could hear that they were happy with the loveseat.  Not long after, they drove off with it in the back of their truck and husband came into the backyard with cash in hand.  And it turns out that what I did not like they loved.  So I admitted to husband “you were right and I was wrong.”  It wasn’t difficult, and it needed to be done.

What does the bible say about humbling ourselves?

Proverbs 29:23 “A man’s pride shall bring him low: but honour shall uphold the humble in spirit.”




2 thoughts on “I Was Wrong..

  1. Being wrong about things now and then is to be human. You humbled yourself and admitted you were wrong and that is what God wishes us to do. I use to like that saying – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Guess your loveseat was a treasure to the lady who bought it. I did not know email transfers of money were safe either. I learn something new every day.

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