Rethinking Riding the Cowichan Valley Trail

We are rethinking riding our bikes on the Cowichan Valley Trail now due to a cougar warning.. this morning we went to the staging area for a ride and the above sign had been posted.  It was not there 2 days ago.  You can see a bear or a wolf but cougars do not usually make their presence known until they are upon their prey.  As we do not know exactly where the sighting was we thought better of riding there today so we went back to the Somenos Dike Trail.  Sometimes it is better to be cautious.

Proverbs 22:3 “A prudent man foreseeth the evil , and hideth himself…..”



Venting: Leaving Dogs in Cars on Hot Days

This is a venting post.  Today we went to a local strip mall for husband to find some running shoes.  Outside one of the stores there was a beautiful blue merle Sheltie sitting in the passenger seat of a car.  The windows were rolled down only about 3 inches, not enough to keep the car from becoming very warm inside.  This makes me really angry because I don’t understand why someone would leave their dog in a car on a hot day.  Granted there was a breeze but the temperature was 75F, warm enough for the car to become very hot for the dog.   There was a security guard nearby so I asked him if he could do anything about dogs in cars and he said “yes.”  Apparently there were keeping an eye on the car to see if the owner came and that they had a few minutes to come back before security would call the police.

Many stores in our area have changed their policies so that dogs on leash are allowed in the store.

People, if you are going shopping on hot days, please leave your dog at home!


A Baby Deer and Pouring Rain

Yesterday my husband was angry with me.. In the morning we took our dog in for a grooming to a place that is in the country.   As we left the groomers a squirrel ran into the road but thankfully we missed hitting it, such was not the case a couple of years ago.  So we were talking about this, and about the time in 2012 when a deer jumped out of bushes and ran into the front fender of the car to $3,000 damage.  I have always thought that husband has very slow reactions when he sees an animal.  He doesn’t slow or swerve, it’s like his mind goes blank at those times.  At any rate, as we were talking about these things we were driving down the forested hill towards Cowichan Bay when a doe and a very new fawn were crossing the road.  I yelled “deer and fawn” and husband slowed but he did not stop.  The doe went into the bushes but the fawn seemed scared and started wandering around on the road.  I was terrified that someone would come from the other direction and hit it.  I told my husband to “Stop the Car!” and finally he did.  A truck came from the other direction and stopped because  he saw the fawn on the road.  After what seemed like a long time but was only a minute or so, the doe came back to the road and the fawn followed her into the bushes.  Husband was not pleased with the way I spoke to him about this matter and did not speak to me for the rest of the day..  and that I would have to go pick up the dog at the groomers on my own.  I should say that since we moved to Vancouver Island husband has done 90% of the driving and I have been concerned about losing my driving skills so probably it is good for me to drive more.

But today is a better day.  We went back to Cowichan Bay to get bread from the Artisan bakery there called True Grain.  But he got into the passenger seat and I had to drive there.   It is a wonderful thing that neither of us are grudge holders.

Also, today we are having a good downpour of rain.  I am always thrilled for rain in June because July is always very hot and dry.  The temperatures for the past week or so have been mild and that has been a blessing also.  As I always say, rain for the forest, rain for the garden, rain for the river and the lake.  Two years ago we had a terrible drought, hopefully that will not happen this year.

God’s Protection Over Our Little Dog..

Last Friday we could have lost our little dog save for the Lord’s protection.  It is my habit to go out in the back yard in the morning with a cup of coffee and on this day I went out with the dog to let him wander in the yard.  When we go for walks he has never been off-leash and we always go down to the street at the end of our community. On this day I did not realize that the side gate was open when I went out because husband had opened it to carry a large hydrangea plant in his wheelbarrow down to our driveway to be put up for sale at a garage sale we had yesterday.  About five minutes later, I heard someone come to the front door and then husband talking to someone.  At that same moment I saw that the side gate was open and realized that our dog was not in the yard.   What a relief to see that husband came to the back yard carrying the dog which had been returned by the daughter of our neighbours who are due to move this coming Monday.

Yesterday during the garage sale I found out what had happened.  The daughter had come to her parent’s home to mow the lawn when she saw our dog come into the front yard and wander down the road heading for the street where it is his custom to go for his daily walks.  This street is very busy and there are no boulevards nor sidewalks, it is an accident waiting to happen for a dog off leash.  Our dog does not know this lady well but she called him and thankfully he went to her so she could catch him and bring him home.

I say this is the Lord’s perfect timing and protection in having the daughter come to mow the lawn so early in the morning.. She was there to catch our dog from what could have been disaster.  Thank you Lord!



Lessons From a Baby Bird, a Beetle, and a Pair of Sheep

This post was written last year but its’ lessons have stayed with me.  Yesterday I saw something which was quite sad but combined with two things that I saw on our bike ride today on the Cowichan Valley Trail, there is a definite lesson for me.  I  was sitting on a chair in our back yard and I noticed that a paper wasp had landed on something small and pink.  The wasp stayed on the object for quite a time as though it was gathering food.  After it flew away I went over to see what the pink thing was, and was sad to discover that it was a tiny baby bird.  No feathers, surely newly hatched.  We have had quite a lot of wind lately, so I must surmise that the baby was blown out of the nest.  There was not a mark on its little body so I don’t think that it was tossed out by the mother or other siblings.   I wondered at the brevity of this little life, and it made me think of the verse from the book of Ecclesiastes concerning the fact that there is a season and a time to everything.  It was not meant for this little bird to grow, and live a normal life.   Then today husband and I went for a bike ride on the Cowichan Valley Trail.  It has been a week since we have been there and more lessons were to be learned.

I was a little shaky on the way up the trail.  At one point I saw two bike riders coming towards me from a distance so I stopped and got off my bike.  It was then that I noticed a big black beetle making its way across the trail to the other side.  I wondered whether or not it was going to survive two bikes going by.  As I watched, the first bike passed missing the beetle by not more than an inch.  The beetle turned 90 degrees to the left and the second bike passed him by at a greater distance.  I remembered how the baby bird died very shortly after hatching, and marveled at how this beetle had lived in the face of danger.
Husband and I travelled further up the trail and then turned around and headed back.  And about half-way back  I noticed that husband had stopped and then I saw that there were two sheep at the side of the trail, grazing.  I took several photographs of them and then remembered John chapter 10, and the teaching about the Lord Jesus being the Good Shepherd who cares for his sheep.There was a lesson in all these things.  That being, all things are in God’s hands, he gives life, and he takes it away,  the baby bird died, I know not why, but the beetle lived.  Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen, but God knows and we just have to trust in him and in his sovereign will for all creation.

My husband always says that I go too slow on my bike, but which is better? to go fast and miss all the things the Lord has to show me? or to go slow and see them all.  I will continue to ride slowly and marvel at what the Lord has for me.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…”

John 10:  I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.

1 Peter 5:7 “Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you.”