With God Nothing Shall be Impossible..

This is a story of two car keys, and how God hears the simplest of prayers.

Yesterday we were camping about 1 1/2 hours north of us.  Before we went camping husband had a spare key made in case he locked his car keys in the car.  Who knew what would happen?  Last night I asked him to back the van up further into the camp site and when he started the car the engine turned over but it stalled, not once but three times.  He thought it was the fuel pump or fuel line and so we began to try to figure out what would happen if we had to have the van towed back to the Cowichan Valley where we live. We do belong to BCAA and that would have saved a bit of towing charges but still there was the cost of having a fuel pump repaired.  Would we have to rent a car to get home? Could we ride with the tow truck driver?  Normally I would have been very stressed out over such a problem but I was unusually calm.  Poor husband, not so much.  Then the dog wanted to go for a walk so husband took him, and it was then that I prayed “Lord, we have no idea what is wrong, but you do.  We are in your hands.”  a simple prayer of trust.

When husband came back with the dog I said that he should climb into his sleeping bag and try to get some sleep and we would deal with it in the morning.  It seemed that he was drifting off, but then he sat up and said that he had an idea.  What if it was the key?  What if the car stalled because he was not using the original key with its big black head that locked and unlocked the doors, and armed the car.  So I said “why don’t you get up and try it.”  With that he leaped out of his sleeping bag, grabbed his original key and put it into the ignition.  And the car started and purred like it had always done.  He was stunned.  The man in the neighbouring campsite was still up so he came over when he heard the car running and said that the original key had a chip in it that the car needed to start.  The spare key did not have that chip.  The man said that he should try the spare key one more time so husband did, and the car stalled.  That was it!  The original key was needed.   This morning he looked up “transponders” and found out how the key works with the ignition.

Husband said he wondered why that information about trying the original key popped into his mind, so I told him that I had prayed about it when he was walking the dog.  Is anything too hard for the Lord?  Absolutely not.

We were going to camp for another day, but this morning I was not feeling too well and after all that had happened, we decided to come home.  And I have been running a temperature all day, why I do not know but the Lord does and I am in his hands.

I think that all this happened because we were meant to come home.

Here is a link to transponder keys and how they work.  We learned something, that’s for sure.