An Opportunity to be Helpful..

We have new neighbours across the street.  I have written in the past about how husband had opportunity to share the gospel with our old neighbours but now they are gone and a new couple has moved in.  Yesterday was quite an interesting day.

A couple of days ago my husband was walking the dog and had opportunity to meet the man who moved in.  Yesterday we saw that the former neighbour was parked in front of her old home and it wasn’t long before she knocked on our door. (It was her husband that my husband had shared the gospel with).  It seems that the new neighbours do not have a lawn mower and they need someone to mow their lawn.  And this is where it gets interesting.  There is a fellow that lives a couple of doors up that has been mowing lawns for several people who live in our community, so our former neighbour had gone up to see if he would mow the lawn of the new neighbours.  Well, you never know what the day will bring because the man who mows lawns has developed kidney stones, in fact he has had two surgeries and will be having more surgery this week.  He said that he will no longer be mowing lawns.  And so this is why the former neighbour came to our home.  She wanted to know if my husband would find someone to mow the new neighbours’ lawn

My husband helps anyone who asks him, doing anything they ask, and I keep telling him that this has value in the Lord’s eyes because he does not search things out, people come to him.  And so he did a search and found several companies who mow lawns so he printed them out and took the list to the new neighbour.  It turns out that they are very lonely, not knowing anyone in this area.  I truly wonder what is going to come of this but one thing I do know, it will be according to the will of the Lord.

Hebrews 13:16 “ do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.”